As a vegan, you know that eating out anywhere can sometimes feel like an impossible task. It’s a hassle, and it can feel like a battle to find something you can eat. However, when you are in Europe, you can eat for days! From London to Paris, Prague, and Belgium, you can find vegan restaurants everywhere with mouth-watering dishes for you to try!

Emma Pea In Berlin

One of the most significant things that draws people to Emma Pea is that you have to play Sherlock Holmes to find it. When you do, however, it’s worth the effort. It’s been purely vegan for five years, and they serve an eclectic menu of burritos, Thai burgers that will have your taste buds singing, and nachos that will have you ordering another round. Offering something for everyone, you can please even the pickiest eater here.

Betty’s In Amsterdam

Betty’s has become popular because it’s vegan, but with a twist thrown in. When you come here, you don’t know what you will be eating. The menu is a complete surprise because the staff of chefs is passionate about giving you the best experience possible. They use fresh ingredients and use the elements that are in season. That means the menu is constantly changing, it’s always new, and you will never get bored. Another plus? The prices are fantastic! You can get a three-course meal with dessert for under forty dollars! That makes it easily one of the best vegan restaurants in Europe!

Etnosvet In Prague

Etnosvet will call out to the culinary foodies and the social media lovers that can’t take a bite out of anything without taking a picture first. Their philosophy is that food can taste amazing and look amazing at the same time. Each dish has love and care, and the dishes are vegan and vegetarian. When the dish comes to your table, you think you were looking at a masterpiece because of the time and the care that has gone into your food. The menu offers dishes that range from fried sushi, a Portobello burger, rice noodles, or Pad Thai! It’s the perfect place to go with friends or loved ones!

Manna In London

Manna is one of London’s oldest and most famous restaurants. While it is considered a vegetarian location, the entire menu can be made vegan. It classifies as one of the best vegan restaurants in Europe because everyone who eats here leaves satisfied and claiming that they’ve eaten the best meal of their lives. The restaurant has recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, so they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Men Impossible In Amsterdam

If you are looking for vegan ramen, this is the spot you need to visit. Everything is homemade, and they cook for the number of people in the restaurant only, so reservations are required. The appetizers are delicious, and the noodles are created from spelt flour. If you tell the restaurant in advance, they can make your dishes gluten-free as well as vegan!

While some areas of Europe have hundreds of vegan restaurants and others have only a few, it is an adventure to find delicious food that immerses you in the experience by offering innovative meals you can’t find anywhere else.

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