Vegans avoid food, clothing and, cosmetics that contain ingredients or material derived from fish, birds or, animals. It is possible to find spa resorts and retreats to escape and enjoy vacations in an environment that shares a veganism outlook. There are spa resorts for all budgets located in all parts of the world including luxury retreats that cater exclusively to the specific requirements of vegan guests.

Wyndham Hotel and Beach Resort Florida

This luxury resort offers a plant-based wellness program to help their vegan guests relax and enjoy a stress-free break from their daily routine. They offer a two nights and three days package with three vegan meals every day and a range of stress-busting activities. Guests not only enjoy delectable plant-based breakfasts, brunches, lunches and, dinners but attend demos by expert vegan chefs. The package also includes yoga and fitness classes.

Palmaia – the House of AiA Mexico

This wellness resort is located in Riviera Maya, Palmaia. The five dining areas feature high-quality, nutrient-rich, plant-based dishes on their menus. The luxury suites cater to vegan sensibilities. All amenities and furnishings have no animal products. The resort offers a wide range of rejuvenating activities including, tai chi, spiritual meditation, gong baths and, ancient plant rituals. They also offer a special fun and holistic program for children.

Kata Rocks Thailand

Kata Rocks in Phuket, Thailand offers a luxurious escape for vegan travelers. The resort has beautiful villas with spectacular sea views. The villas have kitchens equipped with high-tech amenities. The menu offers a wide range of traditional vegan Thai dishes and western dishes. Guests can also make their own dishes by combining ingredients. Expert vegan chefs give private cooking lessons to guests. The spa offers relaxing massages and chakra balancing treatments. All rooms have plant-based and animal-product-free furnishings and amenities.

Careys Manor Hotel and Senspa Brockenhurst UK

This vegan hotel and spa are located in a historic hunting lodge in Brockenhurst, New Forest. The hotel offers luxurious Manor rooms and garden rooms. The hotel also has a high-quality Thai spa in a 24,000 square feet facility. Guests can enjoy rejuvenating massages and beauty treatments at the spa. The three dining areas offer French, British and, Thai vegan cuisine. Guests can also enjoy hiking and photography in the nearby New Forest. Guests can also choose to stay in the secluded cottage with kitchen facilities.

Peace Of Eden South Africa

Peace of Eden is a forest retreat and nature lodge located in Knysna, South Africa. The resort is a meat-free lodge. The resort has self-catering luxury cottages and cabins. The Forest Café offers delicious vegan fare for guests. The chef serves unique vegan dishes made of fresh ingredients grown in the hotel’s garden and the hotel has a vegan bistro offering delectable fare. Guests can enjoy a variety of nature walks and a flying safari. The resort offers Yoga classes on Wednesdays and meditation sessions on every month’s third Sunday.

The hospitality industry across the world offers many luxurious wellness resorts and those who choose to lead a lifestyle free of animal products will be spoilt for choice.


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