The vegan lifestyle is more than omitting meat, eggs and other animal products from your diet. The lifestyle embodies also trying to avoid contributing to the exploitation of animals. Those who eat vegan avoid products such as toiletries that contain or were tested on animals. More and more businesses are catering to the vegan customer, so finding vegan food options is not as hard as it use to be. Living true to your vegan lifestyle takes a lot of planning and research before solidifying your travel plans. Just as doing a Google search is standard when researching other topics, it will come in handy in finding vegan options.

If you are planning to travel often you may also invest in vegan luggage. You can find all the features you like such as durability, quality, space and organizational capacity, in vegan carry on travel bags, backpacks and totes. There are products that are made of sustainable materials that are animal free. It’s easy to travel to any destination you choose while maintaining your vegan lifestyle.

Plan ahead of time

Whether traveling for need or recreation, planning is key. When packing your vegan luggage, also pack your vegan personal care and beauty products. It is easy to carry your own soaps, hair products and other must have products. Bring along your healthy, easy to pack snack options. Nut butter, protein bars, nuts, granola and trail mix are all options to keep you going between meals. You can have fresh fruits such as apples, oranges and others that will travel well at your disposal.. Wherever you travel to will have grocery stores and local markets for supplies on the go.

Vegan dining options is a great tool for finding vegan restaurants near you

Restaurants and eateries can provide vegan options for your dining pleasure and even prepare one at your request. Dining options for vegans can be located with a simple Google search and Google Translate can provide with the right words in any language to request your vegan preference. Others offering insight on vegan dining are, and TripAdvisor. HappyCow can find vegan restaurants and stores near your location and offers an app to have on the road. VeganTravel allows you to browse restaurants, accommodations and activities for vegan travellers all over the world. TripAdvisor can help you locate nearby establishments at your destination and allow the search results to be filtered by price, cuisine and meal types. You can also connect on social media with others living the vegan lifestyle. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook groups can tell you of vegan options at home and your destination.

Many airlines offer vegan meals and snacks in flight. Make your request while booking your flight and give a day or two prior notice to have your meal waiting for you. United, American and Virgin Atlantic airlines all have this option as well as many others. You may even hire a vegan travel agency to help plan your trip or find a vegan travel tour.

There are also countries where the majority of citizens are vegan, such as India with 30 to 40% eating a vegetarian diet, so finding a vegan options is easier. In many countries people are largely vegetarian out of necessity because there a shortage of meat. According to one study 22% of the entire world is vegetarian. So choose your destination and find out what vegan options are available for your travel. Be open minded and try some local vegan dishes. Be prepared to enjoy your travels with no worries.

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